Resin Bound or Bonded?

When looking at drives and pathways, you may have come across the terms Resin Bound, and Resin Bonded and wondered what they mean? Both quite simply refer to the way in which aggregate is glued together with clear resin mixtures.

Resin Bound surfaces are formed by mixing the aggregates with the resin prior to application. This technique covers individual stones with resin.

Resin Bonded involves a different method of spreading a layer of resin over the surface. Aggregates are brushed over the resin, which then bonds them to the surface. When the resin has set the gravel is firmly ‘glued’ in place and any surplus is spread over the top. This type of surface keeps gravel in place and helps reduce weed growth.

Both types of resin will not fade or discolour in UV sunlight or high temperatures.

Which one should you choose?

Resin Bound

Whilst both these types of surfaces are hard wearing and offer an attractive finish, resin bound has one distinct benefit, a permeable water system, which enables water to flow through the drive surface and drain away. It also eliminates puddling and flash flooding and is very hard wearing.

Other benefits of choosing resin bound is that stones will not come loose. It is also low maintenance and will be kept relatively clean by rain water alone.

Weeds shouldn’t grow through resin bound surfaces if your sub-base is weed resistant. However, if this does occur (more commonly from birds dropping seeds), they can be pulled out.

Resin Bonded

So how is resin bonded system different?! Resin bonded stones are least inclined to move. This is because the strong bond stops individual stones loosening. So, it looks and feels like loose gravel without the stone migrating. Resin bonded will add a traditional look to all types of property.

This type of surface has a durable finish but is not porous. So, it is important if you choose bonded that you speak to your installer about creating a slope to allow water to drain, rather than gathering in puddles.

Our resin products are ready for use after 2 hours of installation and come with a guarantee of 10 years. Why not take a look at some of our work here

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